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Unveiling the Magic: A Peek Into What Happens During A Discovery Call 🪄

Depending on the nature of your business, a discovery call may be essential to facilitating your services. This call isn't just a formality, there's deep meaning and a lot of thought that should go into this crucial step of your client's journey.

If you're looking for a bit more information on what happens during a great discovery call or assistance with structuring your own consultation - look no further 🤩

Do you need to have a discovery call?

It's not every type of business that will be required to complete discovery calls. Your product or service may not benefit from it. In some instances, having a consultation prior to the delivery of your offerings could actually be a hinderance. However, for the brands that do require a discovery meeting, this will be a pivitol moment in your customers journey and falls under the 'pre-sale' category in Customer Experience.

(If you don't know what customer experience is, make sure you sign up to our upcoming webinar so you can learn more about it!)

Your business will fit into one of 3 categories:

- Businesses that never need a discovery call to facilitate their services ❎

These businesses usually have little to no offer-related conversation with its customers. Services and products are provided in the same way to everyone and there are no elements of the offer that would require a 1-to-1 conversation with its audience.

E.g. a corner shop etc.

- Businesses that sometimes need a discovery call to facilitate some of their services ✅

These businesses often have a variety of services/products but some of them will require more information to be carried out than others. When a more in depth conversation is required, a consultation may be required.

E.g. a bakery that sells pre-made baked goods but also takes bespoke cake orders etc.

- Businesses that always need a discovery call to facilitate their services. ✅

These businesses cannot effectively operate without a pre-service discussion and will need to have a discovery session prior to the offer being carried out.

E.g. a branding studio like Designed By Jujubeng


Stage 1: Let's get acquainted 🤗

Your discovery call should kick off with a warm introduction! Your client may have filled out a booking form prior to meeting you or this could be your first interaction with them. Either way, your first step is to get to know them. People respond to people and building a great rapport should be top of your to-do list!

This is so much more than just a business discussion; it's a chance for you to connect with your current or potential customer on a personal level and understand the driving force behind their interaction with you.


Stage 2: Time to define your goals

Whilst the goal for some clients may be obvious, other customers may require a bit more prodding. We recommend exploring the reasons behind your client wanting to use your services; have they had a poor experience with another company, are they unsure of what they can achieve or maybe it's something else.

Regardless, this is your time to take a deep dive into the mind of your consumer and define your goals and aims. Every detail matters!

Each client is unique, and if you have the ability to personalise anything about your client's experience - do it! During the discovery call, you can work together to outline a customised strategy that aligns with their vision. It will pay off in the future!


Stage 3: Essential information and Understanding challenges

Every service or product comes with its own set of requirements and at this stage, we recommend collecting all the essential information that you'll need to satisfy your client's needs without a hitch. There may be some obstacles that you have identified during Stage 2, but every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

At this point you can discuss any hurdles you are anticipating and your attitude to overcoming them. Having an open conversation at this stage in the process, not only instills trust but also allows you to set the foundation for a strategic approach to tackling potential hiccups.

However, don't make any promises that you cannot keep - this won't go well for you in the long run. It's okay to say you will double-check and get back to your client!


Stage 4: Showcasing your expertise

As the conversation unfolds, you'll be able to let your client's know why you are the best option to go with!

In any industry there's more than likely an alternative provider, but based on the wants and needs of your client, you can showcase your expertise which will only guide or re-affirm their decision to choose you.

Whether it's successful case studies, glowing testimonials, an impressive portfolio or just stating your experience and achievements - illustrate how your expertise aligns with their goals.

This is the moment where your customer can truly feel the impact of your upcoming collaboration.


Stage 6: Questions and Next steps

Your client's questions matter, and so do your own! The discovery call is a two-way street, and you want to ensure that all your customer's queries are addressed.

If you've forgotten to ask anything, or have any last-minute questions that you want answered, take the conclusion of your consultation to bring them up. Confidence and transparency are key.

This is also the opportunity for you and your client to feel empowered and informed about the next steps in your journey together. So make sure that both of you know what will be happening once your consult is over.


A brand coach is an invaluable asset on the journey of building and maintaining a successful brand. We help businesses navigate the complex world of branding, ensuring that every aspect of your brand is thoughtfully curated and consistently presented.

If you're serious about taking your brand to the next level, let's connect and begin shaping the future of your brand together.


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