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The Role of a Brand Coach: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re reading this, it means that the idea of a brand coach prodded your interest in some way, shape or form! Whether you’re already in coaching, an eager beaver ready to be coached or looking to enhance your knowledge, we're here to delve into the beautiful world of brand coaching in today’s blog.

A strong brand is the backbone of business success. Your brand not only defines who you are, what you stand for, and how you connect with your audience, but it also allows you to influence how the world perceives you. However, (dun dun dunnnnn) navigating the complex world of branding isn’t that easy when you don’t understand how, which is why many companies and organisations are summoning a crucial ally – the brand coach.

Today, we'll explore our role as your brand coach, the value we bring, and how we can help you build a brand that does what you want it to do!

What is a Brand Coach?

Brand coaching is a specialised form of coaching that focuses on developing or refining a brand's identity, messaging, and overall strategy. Branding is a critical component of every business or organisation's success and as your brand coach, we guide, empower and motivate you to build a consistent and effective brand! We act as a mentor, strategist, and advisor, working closely with you to ensure your brand is consistent, authentic, and aligned with your goals.

Like plenty of aspiring business owners, you probably have a big idea that could easily be the key to your lifelong success, but we understand that getting that idea out into the world and identifying ways to connect with your customers is easier said, than done. Our coaching services exist to walk you through the different elements of turning that dream brand into your reality.

We work closely with individuals and businesses to help you establish a strong brand presence in your industry. Our coaching is highly personalised, and we make great use of your time by focusing on the specific needs and challenges that you face.

Our goal, is to support you in building a memorable brand that resonates with your audience, fosters brand loyalty and aids long-term success.

Juju truly proved to be an invaluable asset and a partner in my journey to success. Our collaboration was not only seamless but also tremendously productive...

- Josh, Novate Group (Brand coaching client)


Our Key Responsibilities As Your Brand Coach

Our role as a brand coach will vary depending on the client/company that needs our assistance. Our most frequent responsibilities are listed below, but coaching is tailored to the individual, so don't hesitate to ask if what you require isn't written here.

Lack of Brand Knowledge, Clarity & Direction

You don't know, what you don't know, until you're aware, that you don't know it!

If you’re currently tangled in threads of uncertainty, we’re here to guide you on your journey to clarity. Our coaching services can help you when you have a lack of knowledge and direction, relieving you of the stresses that come with these situations, because we get it - Branding can be a tough process but we’re here to support you!

Brand Strategy Development

Your strategy is all about the intangible actions and plans you implement to reach your brand goals. This includes defining your mission, vision, purpose, values, unique selling point, brand story, name and positioning amongst other intangible aspects. Ultimately, it's the first stage in tailoring the way consumers will perceive you.

As Brand coaches, we help you understand who you are as a brand. You may benefit from basic or in depth coaching at this stage, depending on where you are in your branding journey (Book A consultation and let's see how we can help you).

Visual Identity Development

Creating a consistent, recognisable and effective visual identity is paramount. We offer guidance on logo design, colour schemes, typography and other touchpoints that resonate with your brand's essence. At DBJ, it's a double whammy! Not only are we brand coaches but we're also graphic designers - So we will advise on your visual identity and bring it to life for you as well!

While brand strategy focuses on the overall plan to achieve your goals, your visual identity is the tangible manifestation of the incredible strategy we'll produce with you. Together, your strategy and identity form the foundation for building a cohesive brand in the market.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining consistency across all brand touchpoints can be a challenging task, but you aren't alone! We ensure that your brand's messaging, design, and overall presence is uniform across various platforms.

Once your strategy and visual elements are established or refined, We can assist you with creating detailed guides on their application. When it comes to strategy this includes guidelines on how to implement the plans and actions you've already identified. For your visual identity, this includes specifications on how to use your logo, colour codes, font styles, and rules for selecting and presenting imagery. These visual guidelines serve as a reference for internal and external stakeholders, ensuring a consistent and harmonised visual representation across all brand touchpoints.

Customer Experience (CX)

If you're unsure about what Customer Experience entails, you should definitely book a session with us today! But to give you an understanding of how we can assist, we'll help you to define the interactions your consumers will have with you, making sure that your values, voice, and identity are being implemented at all times.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your brand's essence through coaching, you're able to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

A big thank you to Designed By Jujubeng⁩, you truly are a pleasure to work with and having you on board as our Branding Coach has taken off so much pressure...

- Aaliyah and Kianu, D.I.C.E CIC (Brand coaching client)


Why You Need a Brand Coach

Expert Guidance

We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. We sit in the car with you and help steer your brand in the right direction. Hiring DBJ as your brand coach can help you avoid costly branding mistakes in the future.


It can be hard to see the flaws in your brand when you're too close to it. We offer you an objective perspective in a judgement-free zone, pinpointing areas for improvement.

Time Saving

Branding is a time-consuming process (especially when you don't know exactly what you're doing). With a brand coach, you can streamline your branding journey and gift yourself time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

I highly recommend Ju for anybody who is starting a business or even has an establishment already! I thank you for your support, time and effort...

- Sol, Candour Shea Butter (Brand coaching client)


A brand coach is an invaluable asset on the journey of building and maintaining a successful brand. We help businesses navigate the complex world of branding, ensuring that every aspect of your brand is thoughtfully curated and consistently presented. If you're serious about taking your brand to the next level, consider enlisting the expertise of DBJ – a partner in your brand's success.


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