How I Became A Graphic Designer & Brand Developer! + Happy New Year!

Wow - time flies! It's almost been 3 years since Designed By Jujubeng was introduced to the world and my graphic design journey ‘officially’ began! As we enter 2022 I thought what better time than now to share my journey (so far) with you.

Whether you want to become a graphic designer yourself or just want to know how DBJ has grown since we launched – keep reading and I hope you enjoy my story!

Designed By Jujubeng was born 21st February 2019, but to explain how I was able to start my brand, I want to take you back 10 years to the beginning of my business journey.

I’ve always felt like I had an entrepreneurial streak in me and have had dreams of running my own business since I was a child. At age 16 I decided to turn these dreams into reality and created a clothing line that looking back on it - well, let’s just say none of the pieces would be in my wardrobe today haha.

At 18, I knew clothing wasn’t for me, but running a business definitely was and so I started a Hair Extension Company. I took it extremely seriously and ended up winning Company of the year, businesswoman of the year and best presentation at the GE & Young Enterprise competition. I also became a Citi ambassador for Europe and had my first feature on BBC news. However, I found that I just enjoyed doing hair for fun and not necessarily selling it!

Once I had closed the hair company, I started The Big Debate UK at 20 years old in my last two years of university. This company started off as a uni society. I found a ‘gap in the market’ and a way to combine it with my love for healthy and entertaining debate! I began putting on 1 event a term and each one was full of life and fully packed. Not long after, We travelled all over England, doing shows in different universities – it was so much fun! I enjoyed seeing the success of The Big Debate brand, but once again – it just wasn’t right.

After years of trying to discover what It was that I enjoyed and what I was willing to commit to, at 24-years-old Designed By Jujubeng was finally formed! My passion wasn’t in clothing, hair or events and yes it did take some time to realise this, but as soon as I did, it was clear that all along I had been falling in love with the process of creating these brands.

Starting companies with little to no start-up costs forced me to take on every role in these businesses. I had to learn and strengthen some valuable skills that have allowed Designed By Jujubeng to flourish today. I’m 100% self-taught. There’s no fancy design school or a website sensei guiding me, just old fashioned hard-work, research, trial and error!

Ready for an absolute cringe moment? Here’s my first ever logo – I really thought I did something there 😩

Don’t worry, I know it doesn’t look the best 😂 but in the essence of transparency, there It is in all Its glory! It might seem strange that I'm showing you a ‘not-so-good’ logo that I created, but I wanted to really show you all that I have truly invested time and effort into DBJ to get to where we are now.

Initially, when I started the Designed By Jujubeng Instagram, It was just that - a casual page to showcase the work I had already made. But seeing the projects displayed across the grid ignited a spark in me - I needed to be a graphic designer! I explored the industry I was breaking into and two weeks later i did a complete re-brand making us look and feel 10x better. My efforts paid off and I began to get enquiries - Of course I was happy! But I was more interested in the fact that through re-branding I was able to transform DBJ from a hobby into a business.

Before the re-brand, I was begging people to let me have a go at making their logo and sometimes not even that was enough to get jobs! But I knew I had valuable skills that the world needed to see. So I did even more research to strengthen my branding knowledge and applied it to my company. Finally, I was connecting with my customers!

This was when the brand development path of my business was revealed to me. I was fascinated by branding (still am!) and that fascination paired with my interest in graphic design presented me another title that I wanted to add to my resume – Brand Developer.

The process of developing my own brand wasn’t easy, but I spent years expanding my knowledge and will continue to spend many more. Everything that I have learned through my own failures, successes and research has improved my business tremendously and as a result, improves yours too!

2021 was an amazing year for us. We helped so many of our customers to achieve their goals and we accomplished some awesome things to. Here’s a few of my favourites:

  • Launched and sold our Custom Books!

  • Completed our 1000th project!

  • Launched and sold our Brand Development service!

...And that just scratches the surface! If you told me in Feb 2019 that I would be building websites for brands I’ve always loved and designing cover art for popular artists I hear on the radio, I would have probably laughed at you haha - But it happened and not to undermine my skills, but I have branding to thank for a lot of it!

Branding never stops and neither will Designed By Jujubeng! I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon and as we grow; you grow so I hope you’ll stick around for the journey. I have such big plans for DBJ and I’m thrilled that my passion is able to help so many of you out there! 2022 is a new year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Happy Holidays! :)