Aesthetics By Amy - Re-Brand

If there's one thing we love here at DesignedByJujubeng, it's re-branding! There's something awesome about seeing where a company currently is with their brand identity Vs what they envision in their minds. That's where we come in - Our job as your graphic designer and brand consultant is to turn your dreams into reality!

Today I want to talk you through the branding we have started for Aesthetics by Amy (a beauty technician from South West London).

Branding is an ongoing process and your brand will get stronger over time. The client approached DBJ with a logo, favourite colour and that was it.


We started by identifying a colour scheme for the brand. The client said she liked red, but the app she used only had certain colours to choose from so she had to go with whatever was available. For more colour schemes, please visit our resources page!


We started off by re-designing the brands logo. As part of the re-brand, she wanted the business to be known as 'Aesthetics' and the 'By Amy' as a sub-title. She wanted something that screamed, strength and elegance without using any colour but red in the logo! Challenge accepted.


The thing I love about branding is that there's really no boundaries. You can do whatever you like with the tools available to you. We suggested that the client could create a sense of community amongst their own customers by offering benefits to long-term customers.

The cards follow the bank-card style with the title 'Aesthetics club' on it. This card features a pink chip, a space for the brand to write their unique discount code where the magnet strip would be and they also have a space for a signature and the company logo replaces the security hologram. (We can print these style cards for you too!)


Packaging is important! We created a collage of her logo design to act as a background that we have used in various projects. Let us know what you think of these! We designed string-bags, mailing bags and boxes!


Stickers and labels have infinite uses. We designed two that could be printed in different sizes. They can be placed anywhere - For Example. On plain note-cards!